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I opened Sealmaiden in 2008 with the desire to combine my love of drawing and hand crafting with my sensibility for fashion, molded by more than a decade in front of the lens and walking the runway for fashion luminaries such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Comme des Garcons, Valentino and many others. 

While traveling as a model, I would always carry little notepads, filling them with lots of small drawings and doodles. It was my way of making time pass while waiting for my turn on photo shoots or waiting in airport lounges for the plane to take off. It was not until I met my husband years later that the thought of opening my own shop became a conscious one. It was his encouragment to make use of those doodle drawings that prompted me to take up screen-printing. 

Valuing quality craftsmanship, I place great importance on providing my customers with premium products and services. I only use ethically manufactured Sweatshop-Free merchandise obtained from companies with socially responsible practices. All of my inks are water-based and 100% solvent free.

I am a self-taught artist and all aspects of my creative process are performed by me in my Studio in Brooklyn.

Love, create and be most fabulous.

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier - New York